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  • Compass Relocation Moving Blog

    Welcome to the Compass Relocation Moving Blog. We invite you to drop by from time to time to find useful articles and the latest information about moving and storage. We are a Northeast Ohio moving and storage company. Feel free to browse our site and learn about the services we offer. Thanks for dropping by! […]

  • Don’t Miss Ice Fest at North Coast Harbor!

    Love the beauty of winter? You’re not the only one! At this year’s annual Ice Fest at North Coast Harbor, you can enjoy a stunning display of more than 20 different ice sculptures, activities, plus so much more! The program runs from February 19 – 21 and participants of all ages are invited to attend. […]

  • Compass Encompasses All Moving!

    We are not just about moving at Compass Relocation. We are about the entire relocation process – and that means taking the utmost care of everything in your possession that you need to move, no matter what the size, scope or distance of your relocation. There are companies that focus solely on residential moving of […]

  • How to Prepare Your Pet for a Long-Distance Move

    Whether you’re moving across the neighborhood or around the world, moving is a nerve-wracking experience for everyone involved. But no one feels the pain of moving quite like the four-legged members of your family. Even the most gregarious dog or cat will feel stressed by the accumulation of boxes, the loud sounds of moving trucks, […]

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