Packing for a Move? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Everyone has that one friend who swears never to move or deal with a move again right after they finish unpacking all of their things. We can all agree that packing everything up, moving your whole life in a truck to a new location, and then having to unpack and organize everything in a new space is a pain – but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re moving long distance or across the street, moving can always be a hassle and full of stress, but with the right packing planning and organization, your movie can be a breeze.

            How to Get Started

  • When taking stock of your entire home, it may be hard to determine where to even begin packing. The best strategy is to start with any decorative and nonessential – wall hangings, knick knacks, books – that take up a lot of space but won’t be missed while you wrap up your time at your home. Packing this stuff first can also give you a great initial sense of accomplishment.


  • Make a packing checklist, and order what needs to be packed, and when and where it should all be packed and organized. List items than can be packed, and which essential things need to stay out until the last minute – and have boxes or containers ready accordingly.


  • Use sheets, towels, t-shirts and socks as covers for fragile or breakable items. There’s no use in buying a bunch of protective materials when other items that need to be packed up anyway are right there. Cushioning your glasses or ceramics items with towels and sheets both enables you to keep your things safe, while save space and materials.


  • De-clutter and get rid of any unnecessary items. Make sure to de-clutter prior to starting the packing process. Donate or sell anything you don’t need or don’t use – there’s no reason to move anything that you don’t have to. A lot of organizations will even send movers to pick up furniture or any larger items you have.


Moving can be a pain, but with the right planning, your experience can be a smooth one. Get rid of unnecessary or unused items, plan what to pack and when, and use your existing linens or clothing to cushion fragile items to save space and materials. You’ve got this!

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