Compass Encompasses All Moving!

We are not just about moving at Compass Relocation. We are about the entire relocation process – and that means taking the utmost care of everything in your possession that you need to move, no matter what the size, scope or distance of your relocation.

There are companies that focus solely on residential moving of boxes, books, small furniture and families. There are other companies that like to focus on pianos and other heavy furniture, or those that focus on commercial or industrial relocation of various desks and heavy equipment.

These are usually considered “specialized” moving services. But these specialties are what separate Compass Relocation from most other moving companies you will find. Our specialty is in being comprehensive with all your moving needs. When you need a mover in the Canton area, you don’t have to go to some “niche” mover for something special; Compass Relocation has you covered with our various specialty services. These include:

  • Trade Shows: Do you have a large booth with lots of display items, and no work truck or van capable of moving it? We can move your exhibit, booth and materials quickly and safety and even help you set up and tear down at the site.
  • Rigging or Crating: We are a partner of Mayflower Moving, so we have plenty of resources to help you move that heavy marble statue or to crate up just about anything that needs to be crated for transport. There is almost nothing we can’t handle!
  • Appliances: Want to move an oven, water heater or entire air-conditioning unit? We can pick up the new unit, bring it to your house and take away the old one for you.
  • Furniture: Whether it’s that large sectional, a real oak dresser from Grandma or a baby-grand piano, expensive items need to be handled by experienced pros, not fly-by-night outfits. In Canton, you get experience and professionalism at Compass Relocation.
  • Equipment: If you are expanding your business into a larger space across town, you will find the best service in the region at Compass Relocation. We move all your commercial, industrial or medical equipment safely and easily from one location to the other, and we will even help you set up and install it in the new location. Canton is a blessed place to have Compass available for this important service.

As you can see, while we love moving your boxes from one residence to another in and around the Canton area, Compass Relocation is also your one-stop shop for all moving services.  No matter what you have to move, you can keep just one website link and one phone number on hand – no need to shop the “specialty” movers! Compass Relocation encompasses all your moving needs in and around Canton, the Midwest or the entire country. Contact Compass today to get a no-hassle quote for your moving job, and look to Compass as the regional leader in specialized moving services!

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